Madison, WI
April 1, 2017

The Daily Cardinal is turning 125!

The story starts simply enough. Two young men decide that the students at the University of Wisconsin need to strive for something that makes the UW equal to the nation’s great universities: Harvard, Yale and Cornell. They work through their entire senior year. They travel extensively throughout Madison, Milwaukee and Chicago to raise the funds to execute their vision.

As the year draws to a close, their efforts bear fruit and their fellow students discover their purpose:

“We have felt it our duty as students, as well as our pleasure, to establish The Daily Cardinal and to it we will devote our time and talents during the remainder of our college course, and if we should succeed in establishing permanently a daily paper which will be worthy of the University of Wisconsin, aid the cause of learning, and be a source of good to the generation of journalistically inclined students who may come after us, we shall leave the University with the feeling of having done our duty to the best of our ability towards the institution which has done us so much good.”

We have all served in this duty to the University of Wisconsin. The Daily Cardinal still stands as something to which time and talents are dedicated. Many of us have continued in this duty after graduation. Daily Cardinal alumni could support The Daily Cardinal through gifts of time, talent and treasure to aid the cause of learning and be a source of good to all students.

Come celebrate the third century of student journalism and the great achievements made by those who shared in Bill Young's beliefs.