Madison, WI
April 1, 2017


Bill Andrews

Discover Magazine, Senior Associate Editor

Bill is a senior associate editor at Discover magazine, where he writes and edits stories about all the sciences, but his specialty is space and astronomy. Before joining the Discover staff, he worked as an editor at Astronomy magazine and wrote for Mayo Clinic and the New York Times Student Journalism Institute. He got his bachelor’s degree at MIT and his master’s at UW-Madison, where he was science editor at The Daily Cardinal. Naturally, he has a favorite equation, and can even juggle.

Bill lives in Milwaukee with his wife, their son, and her cat. He’s always loved space and the physical sciences, and enjoys convincing people that they do, too. Since his youth in Puerto Rico, he’s enjoyed varied and storied travels, from the tunnels under Seattle to the glaciers of Svalbard, and the swamps of south Florida to the cafes of Paris. Perhaps one day, he’ll watch c-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate.